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Employee Attraction and Retention in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic beginning in 2020 has affected more than this nation’s health. Between supply chain shortages and employee changes in almost every field of work, many companies suffered. A large issue began when people did not want to physically go to their jobs in fear of contracting Covid-19 from contact with others. Some companies […]

PEOs Help Business

How PEOs Help Businesses Succeed During The Four Growth Stages  

Creating and maintaining a successful business is not an easy feat by any means, and the challenges one faces when doing so are ever-changing. As your small business grows and develops, it will go through a few different growth stages. Working with certain advisors such as lawyers or accountants can help with important decisions, and […]

PEOs Help Businesses

How PEOs Helped Businesses During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, affecting nearly every person and business imaginable. From serious health issues, to worker shortages, to product shortages, it is clear that many people and industries will forever be changed after this unfortunate era. Many companies suffered serious revenue losses during the pandemic, or were forced […]

PEO Myths

7 Common Myths About Working with a PEO

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is an all-inclusive outsourcing option for your HR tasks and employer liabilities – those that are typically your sole responsibility, such as payroll and benefits. Some PEOs also have strategic services, but no two companies are exactly alike, so it’s important to research providers and compare their capabilities to find […]

Choosing the Right Health Plan for Your Small Business

The impact of choosing the correct or incorrect health plan for your employees can make an enormous difference in how your business flourishes and grows, from the inside out. A health plan that is received well can decrease turnover, attract better workers, and increase employee satisfaction, motivating all team members to do their very best […]

6 Reasons to Work with PeopleStrategy in 2022

6 Reasons to Work with PeopleStrategy in 2022

Employees are the biggest asset of the company. It’s critical for business owners to respect and acknowledge employees’ value since they are the main ingredient to drive and sustain growth. A company’s business and Human resource goals must connect in order to promote and sustain success, and connecting with PeopleStrategy is one method to do […]

What is a PEO?

What is a PEO?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is a company that enters into a joint-employment arrangement with a company by leasing people to the company, allowing the PEO to share and handle numerous employee-related tasks and obligations. Employers can offshore human resource operations such as employee benefits, compensation and payroll, workers’ compensation, and employment taxes as a […]