A PEO Broker Created For Private Equity Firms

Build value with a company who understands the needs of Private Equity Fund Managers.

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Our business is all about your portfolio.

From employee benefits to payroll to figuring out the Affordable Care Act, get the help you need in one place. The PEO Group offers customized solutions for private equity investments.

Spend less time on employment administration and save money: when we negotiate on your behalf, you'll see cost-effective options not available through other sources.

Grow your portfolio and protect your bottom line.

As both your business partner and an experienced broker, we know what needs to be done to grow your portfolio of businesses efficiently, cost-effectively and as intelligently as possible.

As your solutions provider, know that we have you covered with:

  1. An integrated, single platform to manage payroll, benefits, HR, legal, 401k, workers comp, compliance and more.
  2. Solutions customized for your private equity firm.
  3. More time to focus on revenue-producing activities and growing your portfolio.
  4. Significant cost savings over negotiating yourself.

Respond NOW and Optimize Your Bottom Line — Save Time and Money

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